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Find out how to motivate students to continue career conversations beyond the classroom. Learn practical tips for helping them engage with parents, mentors, and community members to gain valuable insights and advice on their future careers.
Learn how to help students focus on their next steps rather than fixating on distant goals. Empower them with practical tools and strategies to set short-term goals, build resilience, and navigate their career paths with confidence.
Uncover strategies for challenging student assumptions and debunking career stereotypes. Encourage your students to keep an open mind and broaden their horizons by researching and considering a diverse range of career options.
Explore the importance of local industry knowledge in career discussions with students. Learn how to identify prominent local industries and engage students in meaningful conversations about potential career paths in their own community.
Discover how to foster positive career conversations with students by focusing on their strengths, avoiding judgment, and cultivating a supportive environment.
Smaller sessions give you more scope to insert career education into underutilised time in the timetable.
Read about our strengths-based approach and why we use it
We designed Ponder to help students develop their ability to make decisions.
Teachers hold the key to building relevance and career management skills.
Why and how the first in market, CDAA commended, Ponder Program helping schools to deliver career related learning, came about.

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