Use Case: Using the Ponder Video Resources

For each Ponder Program lesson there's a short, student-friendly video resource to accompany it, designed specifically to promote engagement. There are lots of ways to access and use them.

For each module of the Ponder Program we’ve created video resources to accompany each week’s lesson. They’re short and student-friendly, designed specifically to promote engagement.


Where Ponder Videos can be used

If you’re not able to get one-on-one time for a dedicated careers lesson each week at your school, the videos could be useful as part of your high-school careers program.

For instance, some Ponder schools play the videos during weekly assemblies – simultaneously reaching all year levels from 7-12 with a quick, and engaging careers lesson that gets students thinking.

Others integrate the Ponder Program content into settings such as vertical home group lessons, PDHPE, pastoral care lessons, or even wellbeing and mentoring sessions.


Boost your existing careers program

If your school has an existing career education program in place, that’s ok too. Many Ponder Program schools use the resources to supplement what they’re already doing – utilising the video and activity resources to fill in gaps, refresh existing resources, or to simply ‘bump up’ their content.

For example in Western Australia, high schools may be using the Career Taster Program for Year 9’s. A course in Early Career Discovery is supplied along with slideshow presentation, but there aren’t any videos.

The course maps closely with the Ponder framework, making it simple to add an additional slide at the appropriate juncture and embed the relevant Ponder video.


Accessing the videos

Once you’re all set up, it’s simple to access any of the resources.

Step 1:

Head over to Ponder Education and log in using the username and password you were supplied with when you joined.


Step 2:

In the Ponder Program drop menu on the tool bar, select “Go to the lessons”


Step 3: 

Scroll down to choose the module (term) and the lesson (week number) that you’d like to deliver, or that aligns best with your existing program.


Step 4:

Click on the week you’d like access. Have a quick read of the notes (we’ll even tell you how the unit links to the Blueprint). Pick the resource you’d like to download and click on it, then press the Download button.

That’s all there is to it. You’re then ready to share or use the video wherever you need it.


Using the Resources PDF

For each module you’ll also receive a PDF version of the resources. This could speed up the process of incorporating them into other programs you’re using and make them instantly accessible offline.

You can even share the Resource PDFs with other teachers in your school who’ll be delivering the units to students. A rationale and instructions are included, as well as links to the presentations and videos so the teachers will have everything they need at their fingertips.


A flexible approach to delivering careers

There isn’t a one size fits all solution for career education in schools, which is why the Ponder Program has been planned to be either a stand-alone program as it is, or can be moulded to suit your schools requirements.

Not only can you provide a career program that aligns with the Blueprint and general capabilities without any other planning; we’ve also ensured that you can easily add your own resources, integrate them into existing programs, and make them accessible for other teachers in your school who are helping to deliver career education.

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