Using print materials in your careers program

"You can't be what you can't see". A visual example of career education materials being used across multiple school settings.

Working with educators, Study Work Grow designs a range of print materials to help Careers Advisors make careers & pathways more visible at school.

The research tells us that the majority of students have a very narrow view of the range of possible careers for them, often choosing from just 10 common careers out of the 1,000+ available.

Here is an example of ‘Job Spotlights’ displayed in the careers office of careers advisor Joelle McCully at Hillcrest Christian College on the Gold Coast, Australia. Joelle said the students can often be found reading the posters and thinking about alternative career options:





A3 Posters

These are visual ways to display different careers, career management skills, subject content, and career education content.

Here’s an example from Northside Christian College in Melbourne, Australia, displaying subject posters that relate directly to career paths:

Thanks to Lenna Waters for showing us. 


Tip: Laminate your posters to make them durable for handling and fixing so that they last a long time.

You can view a range of Study Work Grow posters here.



A4 Guides & Handbooks

Guides and handbooks are a non-digital way to read, share, and explore career or pathways content in classrooms, waiting rooms, student receptions, careers offices, and school libraries.

Here is an example of A4 Guides & Handbooks being displayed at the Queensland Academy of Science, Maths and Technology (QASMT) in Brisbane, Australia:

Thanks to Katrina Judge for showing us. 


Acrylic display holders are inexpensive and easy to fix to walls to display your guides & handbooks

You can view a range of Study Work Grow guides & handbooks here.



A5 Job Spotlights

Designed to be easily handled, Job Spotlights are an engaging and informative way to explore different career options available – from common jobs like Police Officer or Nurse, to less commonly known jobs like Computational Biologist, Scrum Master, and UX Designer.

Here is an example of Job Spotlights displayed at Lourdes Hill College in Brisbane, Australia:

Thanks to Richelle Staley for showing us.


A5 size makes it easy to display both on benchtops, on display racks, or hole-punched and hung on wall hooks.

You can view a range of Study Work Grow Job Spotlights here.


How do you display career education information in your school setting? By utilising a range of career education materials, you make careers more visible and accessible to students.

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