A complete career education program for Australian schools

Career Development Framework

Developed from the competencies and phases of the Australian Blueprint for Career Development, the Ponder Career Development Framework provides a structure and sequence for schools to deliver developmentally appropriate career education for each year level. 

The Career Development Framework

Part of the Ponder Program

Young people need to develop career management skills before they enter the world of work, such as those laid out in the General Capabilities section of the Australian Curriculum:

…general capabilities encompass knowledge, skills, behaviours, and dispositions that, together with curriculum content in each learning area and the cross-curriculum priorities, will enable students to live and work successfully in the 21st century…

Module 1

Understanding Self

First, students are supported to explore their strengths and learn about their priorities. In primary school this may mean exploring favourite subjects, while senior students work on building learner profiles.

Module 2

Self in Context

In Module 2, they start to see themselves in relation to their environment. This includes learning about appropriate workplace behaviour, finding balance, and managing conflict.

Module 3


Module 3 is where we explore the labour market at a local, national, and global level, and at the same time students learn how to find meaningful work.

Module 4


Finally, in Module 4 we bring everything together so that students can begin to set goals and make plans that relate to their understanding of themselves and the world of work.

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