Caring for pets

Skills you build with this activity:

1. Listening – Paying attention to the needs and behaviours of animals in order to provide proper care and attention.

2. Speaking – Communicating with other pet owners, veterinarians, and animal care professionals to gather information and advice on how to best care for animals.

3. Problem solving – Addressing any issues or challenges that arise with animal care, such as health concerns or behavioural issues.

4. Creativity – Coming up with new and innovative ways to keep animals entertained and engaged, such as creating DIY toys or puzzles.

5. Staying positive – Maintaining a positive attitude and outlook when caring for animals, even in challenging or stressful situations.


Veterinary clinics or hospitals
Pet stores or grooming salons
Zoos or wildlife sanctuaries
Animal shelters or rescue organisations
Pet-sitting or dog-walking businesses

Possible pathways