Skills you build with this activity:

1. Problem Solving: Collecting involves identifying gaps in your collection, strategising ways to acquire desired items, and overcoming challenges such as rarity or budget constraints.

2. Creativity: Curating and organising your collection in unique and visually appealing ways showcases your creative abilities and personal tastes.

3. Aiming High: As a collector, you set goals to acquire rare or valuable items, constantly refining and expanding your collection to achieve a sense of accomplishment.

4. Speaking: Engaging with fellow collectors, attending events or joining clubs allows you to share your knowledge, discuss your interests, and improve your communication skills.

5. Teamwork: Collaborating with other collectors can involve trading or exchanging items, sharing resources or expertise, and working together to help each other complete collections.


Art galleries
Antique shops
Auction houses
Collectibles conventions

Possible pathways