Hiking and Bushwalking

Skills you build with this activity:

1. Problem Solving: Navigating through unfamiliar terrain, adapting to changing weather conditions, and overcoming obstacles on the trail all effective problem-solving skills.

2. Staying Positive: Hiking and bushwalking often involve challenging situations that test your mental and physical endurance.

3. Aiming High: Setting and achieving personal goals, such as reaching new destinations or increasing hiking distances, cultivates a mindset of continuously striving for growth and accomplishment.

4. Leadership: As an experienced hiker or bushwalker, you may find yourself in a position to guide and support others, demonstrating strong leadership skills and ensuring group safety.

5. Teamwork: Hiking and bushwalking with others fosters collaboration, mutual support, and effective communication, as you work together to navigate challenges and reach your destination.


Search and rescue team
Architecture and design
Outdoor adventure guide
Military or special forces
Sports coaching or training team

Possible pathways