Maintaining your fitness

Interest: Physical Activity

Skills you build with this activity:

1. Staying Positive: Regular exercise helps boost mood and mental well-being, enabling you to maintain a positive outlook even in challenging situations.

2. Aiming High: Pursuing fitness goals encourages you to set ambitious targets, push your limits, and strive for continuous improvement in your physical abilities.

3. Leadership: As you progress in your fitness journey, you may inspire others by sharing your experiences, offering guidance, and motivating them to adopt healthier lifestyles.

4. Teamwork: Engaging in group sports or fitness classes fosters collaboration, communication, and camaraderie among teammates as you work together towards shared goals.

5. Problem Solving: Maintaining fitness often involves overcoming obstacles, such as time constraints or setbacks, requiring you to find practical solutions to stay on track with your goals.

Physical Activity


Health and fitness industry
Sports and recreation industry
Wellness and lifestyle industry
Personal training and coaching industry
Corporate wellness programs and initiatives.

Possible pathways