Playing sport

Interest: Physical Activity

Skills you build with this activity:

1.Teamwork: Playing sports often involves working with others to achieve common goals, promoting collaboration, communication, and mutual support.

2. Leadership: Sports provide opportunities to take on leadership roles, guiding and motivating teammates, and making strategic decisions for the team’s success.

3. Listening: Active listening is essential in sports, as players need to follow instructions from coaches, understand teammates’ perspectives, and adapt to changing game situations.

4. Staying Positive: Sports teach resilience and the ability to maintain a positive attitude, even in challenging situations or when facing setbacks.

5. Aiming High: Engaging in sports encourages a growth mindset, pushing personal boundaries, setting ambitious goals, and striving for continuous improvement.

Physical Activity


Sports team
Engineering firm
Non-profit organisation
Marketing agency
Hospitality industry

Possible pathways