Interest: Travel and Place

Skills you build with this activity:

1. Listening: Travelling exposes you to new languages, cultures, and perspectives, enhancing your listening skills as you actively engage with diverse people and environments.

2. Speaking: As you interact with locals and fellow travellers, you improve your communication abilities, potentially learning new languages or refining existing language skills.

3. Problem Solving: Navigating unfamiliar situations and overcoming unexpected challenges while travelling sharpens your ability to think on your feet and devise creative solutions.

4. Staying Positive: Travel often includes unforeseen obstacles and setbacks, which helps you develop resilience and a positive attitude, learning to adapt and make the most of each experience.

5. Teamwork: Whether travelling with friends, family, or in a group, exploring new places encourages collaboration, compromise, and shared decision-making to ensure a successful and enjoyable trip.

Travel and Place


Event planning
Travel blogging/vlogging
Adventure tourism
Hospitality management
Travel agency

Possible pathways