Youth Councils

Interest: Culture and Society

Skills you build with this activity:

1. Leadership: Youth councils often require members to take on leadership roles, whether it’s leading a project or presenting ideas to a larger group. This helps individuals develop their leadership skills.

2. Teamwork: Working with other members of the youth council to achieve a common goal helps individuals develop their teamwork skills.

3. Speaking: Youth councils often require members to present their ideas or projects to a larger group, which helps individuals develop their speaking skills.

4. Problem Solving: Youth councils help individuals develop their problem solving skills, including learning how to identify problems, brainstorm solutions, and evaluate the effectiveness of different approaches.

5. Staying Positive: Youth councils can be challenging, but they also provide opportunities for personal growth and development. This helps individuals develop a positive attitude, even in the face of obstacles or setbacks.

Culture and Society


Non-profit organisations
Education sector
Political campaigns
Corporate social responsibility departments
Community development organisations

Possible pathways