Aquaculture Farmers

Career Cluster: Maker
Aquaculture farmers are dedicated and passionate about sustainable food production.

Aquaculture farming is a fulfilling and rewarding career that offers a unique opportunity to work with aquatic animals and plants. As an aquaculture farmer, you get to spend your days outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of nature and the calming sound of water. You have the chance to work with a variety of aquatic species, from fish and shellfish to seaweed and algae, and to learn about their unique characteristics and needs. You also get to use your creativity and problem-solving skills to design and maintain aquaculture systems that are efficient, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. Moreover, aquaculture farming is a growing industry that offers many opportunities for career advancement and innovation, as well as the satisfaction of contributing to the production of healthy and nutritious food for people around the world. Overall, working as an aquaculture farmer is a fulfilling and exciting experience that allows you to connect with nature, learn new skills, and make a positive impact on the world.

Possible Pathways
Aquaculture farmers require training in fish biology, water chemistry, hatchery management, feed formulation, disease prevention, and environmental sustainability. They can obtain this training through vocational schools, community colleges, or specialised training programs offered by industry organisations. With the right qualifications and hands-on experience, aquaculture farmers can succeed in providing sustainable and nutritious seafood for the world’s growing population.


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Fish Husbandry
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Water Quality Management
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Hours Worked Source: ABS Survey of Employee Earnings and Hours, May 2021, Customised Report.