Bus and Coach Drivers

Career Cluster: Maker
Bus and Coach Drivers make excellent drivers with their skills and experience on the road.

Being a bus and coach driver is a fulfilling and rewarding career. Every day, drivers get to interact with a diverse group of passengers and help them reach their destinations safely and comfortably. The job offers a great sense of responsibility and pride in providing excellent customer service. Drivers also get to explore different parts of the country and experience new places and cultures. The work schedule is often flexible, allowing for a good work-life balance. Additionally, the job provides opportunities for career advancement and personal growth. Overall, being a bus and coach driver is a fulfilling and enjoyable career choice.

Possible Pathways
Bus and Coach Drivers require a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and completion of a training program that includes classroom instruction and hands-on driving experience. They must also pass a physical exam and meet age and driving record requirements.


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