Defence Force Members – Other Ranks

Career Cluster: Guardian
Defence Force Members - Other Ranks are dedicated and selfless individuals who make great contributions to their country.

Defence Force Members – Other Ranks have a unique and rewarding work experience. They are part of a team that is dedicated to serving their country and protecting their fellow citizens. The work is challenging, but it is also fulfilling and meaningful. Members have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills, from technical expertise to leadership and teamwork. They work in a supportive environment where they can rely on their colleagues and superiors for guidance and assistance. The Defence Force also offers excellent training and career development opportunities, which can lead to a long and successful career. Overall, Defence Force Members – Other Ranks have a sense of pride and purpose in their work, knowing that they are making a difference and contributing to the safety and security of their nation.

Possible Pathways
To become a member of the Defence Force at the other ranks level, you will need to complete basic military training and then undergo specialised training in your chosen role. This training will equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to perform your duties effectively and safely, and will also provide you with opportunities for personal and professional development throughout your career.


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Your Starting Places

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Projected Growth Source: Jobs and Skills Australia,, 2021 Employment projections for the five years to 2026.
Size of Field Source: ANZSCO 4-digit occupations: ABS Labour Force Survey, February 2023, custom trend.
Hours Worked Source: ABS Survey of Employee Earnings and Hours, May 2021, Customised Report.