Career Cluster: Maker
Nurserypersons make good caretakers of plants and gardens.

Nurserypersons have a fulfilling and rewarding job that involves working with plants and nature. They get to spend their days outdoors, surrounded by beautiful greenery and flowers, and have the opportunity to help them grow and thrive. Nurserypersons get to use their creativity and knowledge to design and maintain gardens, landscapes, and green spaces, making them more beautiful and enjoyable for everyone. They also get to interact with customers and share their passion for plants, helping them choose the perfect plants for their needs and providing advice on how to care for them. Overall, being a nurseryperson is a wonderful career choice for those who love nature, creativity, and helping others.

Possible Pathways
To become a nurseryperson, you typically need a high school diploma or equivalent, and on-the-job training or a certificate/diploma program in horticulture or a related field. This training can cover topics such as plant identification, propagation, pest management, soil science, and greenhouse management. Additionally, continuing education and certifications may be required to stay up-to-date in the field.


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