Your rights at work

Do you know your rights at work? If you’re working in Australia, then the Commonwealth (or, the government) has created

Staying safe at work

Workplace Health and Safety is everyone’s business, and when you’re at work you’ll be responsible for taking reasonable care for

Evolving workplaces

Wondering what a real workplace actually looks like? Workplaces are really diverse, but they all have a few things in

Skill Clusters

There are a couple of ways to break the world of work down into manageable chunks (like industries) and one

The bigger picture

Your work forms one part of a very big picture – and it’s important to understand how the work you

Your local world of work

What do you know about the jobs that are available in your community? Every place is different, and the types



Take a deep dive into the world of work. Learn about industries, skill clusters, and job tasks, both locally and