How to find balance

There’s no one-size fits all solution to finding balance in your life. The amount we need to work, rest, and

Learn to reflect

You might be thinking, but what if I didn’t achieve much this year? Well, you probably did more than you

Start career-building now

You don’t need to sit around and wait until you’ve finished school to start getting experience, building skills, and making

Understanding Pathways

There are lots of different pathways you can take once you leave school, and it’s important that you know about

Understanding Industry Outlook

There are a huge range of different industries, and some industries focus on caring for our health, for example, others

Don’t worry about the robots

Back in 2013 two guys called Carl and Michael took an in-depth look into what makes jobs susceptible to automation. They found

Mapping your life

Most of us don’t live life according to the map. We float from one thing to another, which is great,

What does your future look like?

We don’t need a crystal ball to work out what’s coming. Life is… pretty predictable. Sure, some things change, if



Place yourself in the world of work and start to make sense of your own story. In this course, you’ll