Climate Action Youth Design Challenge

Climate change impacts every country in the world – and it’s not just affecting the environment, it’s impacting people’s lives and destroying communities. The whole world is in a race against climate change and we want to empower you to help!

Our challenge for you as young people is: Less talk, more action. How might we create innovative solutions to tackle climate change?

The Climate Action Youth Design Challenge is a free online design thinking challenge that empowers you to consider how you can take climate action. It empowers you to identify problems, reframe them as opportunities, develop a solution and create a prototype.

Within this challenge, there are three key themes we encourage you to explore:

Renewable and responsible energy use: Globally, energy use is increasing at an unsustainable rate. Only 1/5th of the world’s final energy consumption in 2013 was from renewable sources.
Preserving our water supply: Only 3% of the world’s water is fresh (drinkable), and humans are using it faster than nature can replenish it.
Sustainable cities: Currently, cities contribute more than 70 per cent of global carbon emissions and over 60 per cent of resource use.

Anyone aged 10-21 years old can enter and take part in this challenge. There are some great prizes up for grabs for the winners.

Entries close Friday 17 June 2022.

Find out more and enter here: