Swinburne Youth Space Innovation Challenge

Supported by the Australian Space Agency and SmartSat CRC, this 11-week program is for secondary students from Year 10 and up. The special ‘Space Applications’ micro-unit teaches students how to research and design an experiment for space.

Working with Swinburne mentors, student teams will develop their own experiment concept and pitch it to a panel of experts. The top three submissions will have the opportunity to launch their experiment to the International Space Station!

There is still much to learn when it comes to the microgravity environment. How will organisations like NASA support astronauts as they travel to the Moon, and beyond to Mars? Your students can contribute to this important area of research while developing STEM skills.

To recognise their achievements, Year 11 students that successfully complete Stage II of the program in 2022 will receive an ATAR adjustment of two aggregate points if they apply to study with Swinburne.

This national program has already successfully launched nine teams’ projects into space. Now it could be your school’s turn! The challenge will launch in Term 2.

For more information, contact Dr Sara Webb and the team at spacechallenge@swin.edu.au.