Case Studies

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We love hearing how schools are using the Ponder resources in innovative ways, and we’ve shared some examples of practice here:

Careers Educators Sandie & Tarree were looking for a structured career education program to run in their Year 9 & 10 Personal Learning classes and they found the Ponder Program (due to its flexibility and ease of delivery for general educators) was perfect for this. Read on to see how they used it in their school setting and what their experience of the program was.
For each Ponder Program lesson there’s a short, student-friendly video resource to accompany it, designed specifically to promote engagement. There are lots of ways to access and use them.
You can use Ponder to create a comprehensive career education program for one of your year levels
Deliver over 6 hours of Career Education to every student each year simply by including the Ponder Program for 10 minutes in your Weekly Assembly; an increase of at least 4 hours over the amount a normal school will deliver to each student
Naomi Gill, Careers Counsellor & Pathways Specialist at Carroll College Broulee and Trinity Catholic College Goulburn shares her insights into incorporating the Ponder Program into her schools
The program’s flexibility makes it easy to deliver career education lessons.

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