Weekly Lesson Example

Here's what you could be using at school each week

The Ponder Program gives you all the lesson materials you need to deliver structured career education with as little as 3 mins preparation time for each lesson. Each week contains:

A engaging Video

Short, animated and easy to use in class or group settings, the Ponder videos help you get across the main point of each lesson in just 2-3 mins. 

Here’s one about Life Mapping from Week 32 of the program –

Fun activity PDFs

Get supporting PDFs each week to reinforce the message or extend your lesson time. These include Printables, Worksheets, Infosheets, Conversation Starters, and Posters you can print, all designed to help create interactive discussions and thought. 

These are three of the PDFs that go with this particular week’s video:

Place 3 side by side images of the Life map PDFs here. Life Map + Goal Setting + Dream Course

And a Supporting Framework


You’ll also has lesson guidance for tailoring each topic for different cohorts and stages. 

The lesson & resource links are delivered in a hyperlinked PDF – so you can easily share the lesson materials with other educators at your school, expanding your career education team and creating greater impact.  

Here’s what some of our Career Education Resource PDFs looks like: