ATAR Calculators


ATAR Calculators take the results of any assessment you’ve done so far and use this information to estimate what your final ATAR might be. It’s a handy way of seeing whether you’re on track to get the ATAR you need for your course or future pathway.

Most of the ATAR calculators out there use data gathered from previous years to give you an idea of where you might fall on the scale.

Because assessment results and scaling change from year to year, it’s important to remember that the predicted ATAR you’re given from a calculator probably won’t be the same as your actual final ATAR. However, they’re still good to get a general idea of what to expect.

Teacher Notes
PDF Download – this is a digital resource, and it contains links to some of the more popular ATAR calculators. You can share this resource with students, or use one of the calculators as a class activity. These calculators can also be used either as preparation for, or as part of individual sessions with students.
Published by <strong>Ponder Education</strong>

Published by Ponder Education

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