Career Conversation – Tell your career story in 2 minutes

Young people can talk about what they want theirs to look like, or they can tell their education story.

There is no ‘normal’ career, and talking about the twists and turns in your career is one way to show that it’s ok for your career to not follow the path you expected.

Use this conversation starter as a PDF or print it out. The best time to chat is when you’re all together and not in a rush, so at dinner time for example, or during a longer car ride. If finding a time when you’re all together is tricky, you can also use a group message to get people talking.

Teacher Notes
This resources is a zip folder with two PDFs – one full-colour, and one which is printer-friendly. You can share the files with parents, attach them to emails, upload them to your school intranet, and also print at school.
Published by <strong>Ponder Education</strong>

Published by Ponder Education

We help teachers embed quality career learning within their lessons, so students can relate their work to their life once school is over.

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