Empower their future choices

NEW Subject Selection 2023 Resources available now

Easily help your students (and their parents) to understand the subject options available at your school, while aligning them with their skills, values and interests

Lead them towards a great choice

Choosing the right senior subjects can mean the difference between a seamless transition into a career or training they’ll love, or being sidetracked on a pathway they didn’t plan for.

As Career Leaders, it makes life easier if you have the latest information (and innovative ways of delivering it) so that your students can make the best choices for themselves.

That’s why this year, we’ve put together several new resources for high schools, including:

  • Updated 2023 Subject Selection Workbook (now digitally editable in PDF)
  • NEW Subject Selection Guide – incorporating the Career Clusters
  • NEW Subject Selection Report – discover the latest research surrounding Subject Selection
  • NEW Presentation slides – so you can add these to your own slides or just scroll through them with students or parents to show them how to choose subjects – available from the Study Work Grow Bookshop
  • NEW Subject Selection Posters – 37 x A4 Subject Posters, available from the Study Work Grow Bookshop

This means you’ll have everything you need to successfully run your subject selection program at school this year – getting everyone involved, and seeing students make great choices. 

Read about the research behind it:

Our CEO & Career Practitioner, Lucy Sattler is passionate about making sure all of our resources are positive, student-friendly, AND based on solid research.

In the new 2023 edition of our Subject Selection Report, she covers the latest information regarding this process – empowering your teaching at school while also reassuring your school leaders and parents of the research that backs it.

Give them practical tasks in the Subject Selection Workbook

Updated Edition 

All Study Work Grow member schools have access to the Subject Selection Workbook. It contains: 

  • 27 colour pages in PDF (also available to purchase in print)
  • Step-by-step process of choosing subjects
  • With a focus on both interests and motivations, as well as prerequisites 
  • Can be used in either a guided session, or easily self-managed at home 

It’s all about empowering students and parents with a practical process they can follow. Available now from the Guides pages.

Help them understand their choices with the Subject Selection Guide

NEW for 2023

Having readily shareable content that’s easy for students and parents to read is an essential timesaver for teachers. 

So this year, we created the new Subject Selection Guide

Covering 37 common Australian subjects, each one features info about why you would choose the subject, several example jobs that require it, the corresponding Career Cluster the job fits into, and current labour market information. 

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