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Download Ponder Resources

Learn how to download Ponder Resources to use in class.

It’s easy to access the Ponder Worksheets, Activities, and Printables – just follow these steps:

Ponder Program Modules Example

4. Find the correct week of the Module (or choose a particular topic that’s relevant to what you need).

Ponder Program Weekly Career Education Resource Lesson

5. Click to open it and browse the resources until you find what you want – there are lots of videos, activities, worksheets and printables (just look for the watermark in the top right corner to see what each one is).

Ponder Program PDFs - examples of career education resources available

6. Select the resource you would like to download and click either of the download buttons. You can then add them to your Learning Management System (Google Classroom/Canvas/Moodle/Kahoot etc), your teaching resource folder, or even email them to students/teachers as needed.

Note: Videos are not downloadable – as we update them regularly, they’re designed to just ply directly from Vimeo by clicking ‘Download’ which will open it in a new browser tab automatically.

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