Embedding resources into your school’s systems

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Embedding resources into your school’s systems

The Ponder Program resources are designed to help you deliver career education in line with the Career Development Framework.

First Steps

You can embed all the resources, both PDF and video into your schools IT systems quickly and easily. Just use the following tips if you need help:

  • All of the PDFs are able to be shared as a URL, or download directly to your own device and then re-upload to your school’s internal systems
  • The PDFs are secure and are a reduced file size to minimise download and upload times
  • The videos can be shared using the URL of the video. They are hosted securely on Vimeo and will not progress to other videos or play ads at any time

There are also a range of online, digital resources can these can also be shared via the link. Some of these online resources have tracking codes in the URLs which links the students progress back to your school without capturing their personal data or requiring them to log in to the system, so please remember to copy and paste the entire URL when you are sharing in your own systems.

Video Overview

This video gives you a quick overview of the resources and how you can use them.

About the resources

  • Each resource is designed to be short and engaging
  • We break each concept down into its most basic form, so students can have an ‘aha!’ moment
  • Resources are aligned with set weeks of the Career Development Framework
  • They include videos, worksheets, lesson plans and digital activities
  • The Lesson plans are designed to be delivered in 5 to 10 minutes, so they can slot into a homeroom or mentoring period, or they can be extended into full length lessons. You could also choose to group the lessons together and deliver all ten over the course of a day

Want more help?

Check out all the frequently asked questions to see if the answer is there, or get in touch with the team and we’ll answer all your questions.