Understanding the Career Development Framework

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Understanding the Career Development Framework

Learn how the framework can fit into your school.

We’ve designed the CDF to be as simple and flexible as possible, so that you can embed it into your existing programs without needing to restructure everything. Here are the key points from the video:

  • The Framework covers 40 weeks each year across four (4) Modules of ten (10) weeks each.
  • Each Module covers a key theme – Understanding Self, Self in Context, Exploration, and Connection.
  • This means that everyone in your school can be covering the same key theme at the same time, but at different levels. For example, younger students learn about the basics of work, while senior students are learning about their local labour market.
  • This allows you to take a whole-school approach with your career program, which can help you to build a culture of career-readiness across the school.
  • Some resources, such as the videos, are appropriate for all year levels, while others are designed for a specific age group.
  • There are also year-level specific mini-lesson plans for each week, so if you want to involve other teachers in your career education program you can simply share the week’s lesson plan and accompanying activities, and they will have everything they need to deliver the lesson.
  • We’ve designed the program to be low-effort but high-impact, with short, regular lessons instead of energy-intensive blocks.

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