Welcome to the Ponder Program

The career education framework for innovative teachers

Easily integrate life-changing career education lessons into any school setting with the Career Development Framework (CDF)

Elevate your teaching, inspire their thinking

Let’s face it, students don’t specifically want to learn Trigonometry, Shakespeare, or Geography – they just want to be ready for the world of work that awaits them. 

But without the right skills and knowledge to choose a career they’ll love, there’s a chance they’ll join the 79% of adults across the world who feel disconnected with the work they do each day*. 

The Ponder Program changes all of that – with easy-to-use career education resources that inspires them to think about their future, while making you their favourite teacher.

*Gallup State of the Global Workforce 2022 Report 

Run it as your entire careers program, or use it to supplement your own

The hard work is already done for you – feel free to use Ponder to fill a curriculum void where no career education structure exists (or the current one isn’t working) or use some of the components to boost or refresh your own program. 

With new updates coming out each year, it’s a program your school will love for a long time to come. 

Lessons are based on The Three Phase Inquiry Model

Learning career management skills requires more than just ‘rote memorisation’. Career education should be exciting and engaging, which is why we use a Three Phase Inquiry Model to structure each unit.

It’s simple, effective (and your students will always want more).


Students are introduced to the topic and given a chance to learn about the concept before going further


Once students and teachers have watched the Discovery video, they can discuss their thoughts and ideas


Encourage deep learning and reflection with the activities and thinking points which accompany each unit

Promote reflection and deep learning for all students with a model that gets them thinking. 

Flexible delivery that suits any school or timetable

The program includes 40 weeks of career education resources for ages 12-18, but it doesn’t have to be delivered sequentially week-by-week for it to work.

  • Have weekly timeslots available? Follow it week-by-week.
  • Infrequent lessons or schedules? Combine multiple lessons together into one action-packed session.
  • Particular focus area? Choose a lesson that suits your age cohort, career education topic, or timing.

Each lesson can be as little as 5 mins or extended to 30 mins depending on your available time and depth of discussion. But the length and mode of delivery remains entirely up to you.

It’s all about giving you the tools to start the right career conversations, at the right time.

Works in any school

Easily add career education to any school curriculum

What educators love the most about Ponder is the ability to provide flexible, engaging career education, even if there’s no time allocated in the curriculum.

  • Play the 1-3 minute weekly videos at school assembly

  • Engage ‘home room’ teachers to show the videos and have a high-level discussion about the topic with our conversation starters

  • Add it to Heath & Physical Education, Pastoral Care, Self-Development, Mentoring Programs, or even Wellbeing lessons each week
It’s all about giving your students quick lessons in career management skills that add up to big outcomes when it’s time for them to choose a post-school pathway. 

Design-Based Iteration

We thrive on constant improvement

Ponder has been developed by experienced Career Development Practitioners with years of experience working with young people and schools. But it wouldn’t be what it is today without the support, feedback, and collaboration of our member schools.  

We work with educators to continually refine and iterate the program, and this culture of innovation means we can ensure that Ponder is as relevant, engaging, and easy to use as possible. The research into Career Education best practice is also evolving, and we stay on top of it and incorporate new evidence-based findings into the program to make it even better. 

It’s a big task, but it gives you the confidence that the program you are using is up to your standards, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Schools love Ponder

"Just brilliant"
I have already been given Mondays during home room for Ponder. I get 5 mins – a great way for students to start the week in 2023. I just love the video and the one question for discussion – just brilliant.

- Juliana Dignam, Leader of Learning Careers, St Edward's College
"Our community is loving them!"
Thanks for all of the updates and resources. Our community is loving them!

- Katrina Judge, Career Planning, Queensland Academy for Science Mathematics and Technology
"so straight forward"
Thanks for the email and document [Ponder Resource PDF]. I love that it is all together and makes it so straight forward when working with other staff who can feel out of their depth when asked to do something not in their "subject area".

- Naomi Gill Careers Counsellor & Pathway Specialist, Carrol College Broulee & Trinity Catholic College

Aligned with the world's leading career education frameworks

Every country has great educational curriculums, but what if you could combine the best of each one into a single career curriculum?

Then, you’d have the Ponder Program. We’ve looked at best-practice from: 

  • Australia
  • The UK
  • USA
  • Canada
  • New Zealand 

To create one holistic career education framework you can use to prepare students for a modern world of work. 


Designed to be affordable for every school

Great career education is critical to life in our developed world, so whether you’re at a well funded school, or one where just the basics are covered, you’ll be able to budget for Ponder. 

You and your entire school will get:

  • Access to the Ponder Career Education Framework (CDF) for a whole year
  • 40 weeks of engaging lesson materials including videos, slides, worksheets, printable posters, conversation starters and more 
  • Framework PDFs designed to support your teaching and to help inform other educators how to address career conversations with students 
  • Rationale PDFs you can share with your school leaders, Dean of Curriculum/Head of Senior, so they know the ‘how & why’ of what is being taught

And all for one affordable price per year. 

Start inspiring career conversations today with the Ponder Program

Ponder is exclusively for in-school educators only – so if that’s you and you’re buying it for your school, then click the button below to apply for access to the program today. 

Have any questions? Just click the Talk to the team button and we’ll come back to you ASAP.