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Ponder’s student-friendly career education programs and resources can completely transform how your school does ‘careers’ for the better – feel free to explore them today

Looking for Career Education Programs and Resources?

You’ve just come across Ponder, the social enterprise that’s school-funded, student-safe, and 100% behind the success of your careers program. 

We work with educators and students to design resources that build career management skills and keep everyone informed of their post-school options.

Student-focused - Co-designed with schools - Pedagogically adjustable

What is Ponder all about? ​

Our Career Education Resources and Programs are designed to empower career educators in schools, providing them with the tools they need to facilitate meaningful and positive career conversations with students.

Most schools don’t have career education lessons or access to quality resources to teach it – which is why Ponder was created. 

Here’s what we can help you communicate, teach, and start conversations with: 

Communicate & Share

Everything you need to communicate what’s possible;

  • Editable Newsletters,
  • Digital Guides,
  • Job Spotlights to widen their thinking, and
  • A customisable Careers Website (Pathways Hub) all done for you.
Career Education Framework

Looking for a high-quality lesson structure to follow? 

The Ponder Program offers a whole year of careers lessons, for every grade/year level. 

All in an Essentials Membership

Start career conversations

Think differently about what’s possible with the Career Clusters lesson pack and resources;

  • Teaching Resources
  • Career Cluster Quiz
  • Rationale and scope

How we're different

Your students aren’t just numbers to us – we want to help you engage them in their options and get them thinking (and talking) about their future. 

It’s all about Career-Readiness.

 Our schools tell us that students (and their families) engage with our resources, and because we’re independent and impartial you can share them with confidence. 

  • Entirely funded by schools
  • Social Enterprise
  • Student-friendly
  • Don’t sell data to third parties (ever)
  • In-house (and very friendly) support team

Everything is co-created with educators (like you)

We’re so thankful for the support of our educator community, who’ve worked with us to make Ponder what it is today.

All of our resources are co-designed through an iterative research methodology based on best-practice career education frameworks (include the Australian Blueprint for Career Development).


We also recognise that you are the expert in your specific educational context, which is why every resource is pedagogically adjustable to suit your learners and their needs.

Like some help? Your students and setting is unique, so we’ll happily take the time to help you work out which aspects of Ponder will have the most impact in your school.

Best practice materials you can trust

In any school setting, you can’t just implement something without checking first if it’s good quality and best-practice. 

Our flagship Career Education Framework, the Ponder Program has been independently evaluated by one of Australia’s top industry associations and was the first framework to be awarded ‘Commended Program’ status. 

Like all of the resources we create at Study Work Grow, you can choose these with confidence. 

We'd love you to join our 1,000 strong educator community

Educators love how we help them to have thriving career education programs in their schools – and we hope you’ll soon be letting us know how much you love our programs too.

"We will definitely be continuing with the membership. I find some much value in what you put together. It would be impossible to do this job well and put all that information together"

"Your newsletters and resources are so well researched and full of relevant & important information, they are so great in my opinion. It would be a massive job to collect and curate this level of data and provide it for schools"

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Communicate & Share

Ponder Program

Career Education Framework

Career Clusters

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